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10 Tips for Expanding Your Social Media Campaign in 2013

Social Media Tips

With social media, a company can see their website rise to the top without spending too much money. Of course, many website owners struggle to build their online presence on Facebook and Twitter. With these 10 tips, one can expand their social media presence with ease.

Call To Action
When writing a post, many put the information out there but do not entice the visitor to spend money or otherwise visit the company website. Fortunately, with a call to action, a business can excite potential visitors and convert them into customers.

Sadly, many businesses owners will have brilliant content and great social media pages only to fail at communicating with their clients. Remember, everyone in the world can view posts, and it is pertinent that a company respond to inquiries.

Google Analytics
Often, a business owner will not track visitors to their website. When this happens, a company will not know what posts are effective and which ones are ineffective. Luckily, when tracking visitors, a business can find out what works.

Frequent Posting
Some business owners only make a post once or twice a month. Now, a company should post, at the least, three times a week. This will help keep the visitor interested.

Gain Followers
When creating a page, many assume that followers will appear out of nowhere. This is rarely the case and a company should be proactive when looking to gain fans.

With a well-run contest, one can keep visitors interested and have them checking the pages often. Remember, people love a coupon or free item and will come back to a page to see what free items they can win.

Join Conversations
When engaging people on their Facebook pages, a business can see a huge jump in traffic. Remember, when keeping it tactful and entertaining, one can see a massive spike in followers.

Often, one will have a Facebook and Twitter page, but not link to the website. Ideally, a small business owner should link all three together. When doing so, a company will not miss out on potential followers.

People love sharing and looking at photos. For this reason, a savvy business owner should post plenty of photos on their pages.

Some companies have difficulty in managing their social media campaigns. To avoid problems, a business should hire a dedicated person who can manage this task. When an organization has one person working on the problem, it can avoid redundancy and other issues.

With these ten tips, one can take their social media campaign to the next level. Remember, social media will always change, and it is up to the account owner to keep up with new ideas and strategies.

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