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Social Media Marketing – Finding The Right Tools To Drive Traffic

Social media marketing

Driving traffic to a business website has become essential in today’s social media world. Through word of mouth on the Internet, a product can gain rapid popularity and cause a business to be extremely profitable. There are certain social media marketing tools to drive traffic to a website, with a history of successfully helping businesses grow and thrive.

For those who may not have time to research all of the tools out there, a consultant can be of great assistance in helping one to sift through all of the social media tools to pick the right one for a website. Here are also some social media tools that one can use to get started in the process of driving traffic to one’s website.

Using Social Media Buttons in Emails
Applications like Constant Contact enable business owners to customise the emails that they send out to customers. Through an email, a business owner can give customers the chance to follow the business on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and other social media outlets. This may be an easy way for a business to drive more traffic to its website.

A business may even offer a special discount in an email for those who decide to follow the business on Twitter or Facebook. Constant Contact also lets business owners choose which social media buttons they want to include in an email.

Feature Social Media Logos on Your Website
Featuring social media logos on a business website is also essential for boosting traffic. Featuring these buttons on a business website can also drive traffic to other websites that the business operates. Using social media logo buttons is a great way to build a synergistic effect amongst many business websites.

Include Social Media Logos in Your Signature
Including social media logos in the signature part on emails is another option that businesses have for driving traffic to websites. When one includes these logos near a signature, it is as though they are giving his or her stamp of approval for these social media outlets. One may be more inclined to learn more about the business and check out the social media outlets if he or she sees them posted by a signature. The key aspect to remember is that a business logo will make an impression on the viewer, it’s very important to make sure the logo fits your business and sends a clear message.

Use a Tool for Creating Messages
Busy business owners can also reduce the workload of updating social media outlets by using a tool like Glyder. Glyder enables business owners to create a message that is formatted for any type of social media outlet.

Social media marketing consultants can also help business owners in formatting emails to drive more traffic to a business website. Social media marketing consultants can also be helpful in assisting businesses in meeting the goals that they have for driving traffic to websites.

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How to Manage Your Social Media Campaign More Easily

Managing Social Media

Social Media is an important tool all companies have at their disposal in today’s marketplace. A properly managed social media campaign can help meet nearly any business goal including expansion of brand awareness and even bringing the use of a product into overseas markets. Planning a social media campaign requires a great deal of forethought. Fortunately, there are several steps any company can take to make this process easier and more effective.

Think About Your Target Market
The first thing to consider is the kind of social media market desired. One might use Facebook, Pinterest, Google plus or a mixture of multiple sources. Another important factor is the budget you wish to devote to this process. Consider a small campaign initially that can easily expanded later and is designed to be scaled for business growth. Many social media companies allow advertisers to set up a campaign for as little as a dollar a day.

Time Management
An additional factor in any campaign is the number of work hours you want to use on this project. Hiring a dedicated media staffer to this project is ideal for a larger campaign targeting multiple cities in multiple markets. A part-timer to monitor the campaign a few hours a day might be fine for a small project or one designed to test the waters.

Social Media Engagement
A Facebook or other social media campaign should also include planning about the designs used. The page must include lucid descriptions of the product or services offered and what methods a buyer can use for payment. Companies working with Facebook often have in-house services who can aid in the design process. The designers can also offer advice about how to improve any web pages that may have already been used in a prior campaign.

A social media campaign should be watched and monitored for progress in meeting goals each day and each week. Be aware that social media can move very fast. A single unfavourable comment on the company Facebook page can be easily spread by others quite quickly. If the comment does get heavy media attention, someone from the company should be on hand to respond to it as soon as possible.

Engage and Utilise User Feedback
Any social media company should be able to provide the company with detailed feedback about the campaign within a few days. Read the data provided. It should include the number of people visiting a page as well as information about their backgrounds and preferences. Consider targeting a specific market if interest seems to be peaking in a specific area. It is also possible for a company  to go after a certain age group, group affiliation or specific area of the country.

Used properly, a social media campaign is one of the very best ways to reach customers directly.

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10 Tips for Expanding Your Social Media Campaign in 2013

Social Media Tips

With social media, a company can see their website rise to the top without spending too much money. Of course, many website owners struggle to build their online presence on Facebook and Twitter. With these 10 tips, one can expand their social media presence with ease.

Call To Action
When writing a post, many put the information out there but do not entice the visitor to spend money or otherwise visit the company website. Fortunately, with a call to action, a business can excite potential visitors and convert them into customers.

Sadly, many businesses owners will have brilliant content and great social media pages only to fail at communicating with their clients. Remember, everyone in the world can view posts, and it is pertinent that a company respond to inquiries.

Google Analytics
Often, a business owner will not track visitors to their website. When this happens, a company will not know what posts are effective and which ones are ineffective. Luckily, when tracking visitors, a business can find out what works.

Frequent Posting
Some business owners only make a post once or twice a month. Now, a company should post, at the least, three times a week. This will help keep the visitor interested.

Gain Followers
When creating a page, many assume that followers will appear out of nowhere. This is rarely the case and a company should be proactive when looking to gain fans.

With a well-run contest, one can keep visitors interested and have them checking the pages often. Remember, people love a coupon or free item and will come back to a page to see what free items they can win.

Join Conversations
When engaging people on their Facebook pages, a business can see a huge jump in traffic. Remember, when keeping it tactful and entertaining, one can see a massive spike in followers.

Often, one will have a Facebook and Twitter page, but not link to the website. Ideally, a small business owner should link all three together. When doing so, a company will not miss out on potential followers.

People love sharing and looking at photos. For this reason, a savvy business owner should post plenty of photos on their pages.

Some companies have difficulty in managing their social media campaigns. To avoid problems, a business should hire a dedicated person who can manage this task. When an organization has one person working on the problem, it can avoid redundancy and other issues.

With these ten tips, one can take their social media campaign to the next level. Remember, social media will always change, and it is up to the account owner to keep up with new ideas and strategies.

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2013 Trends For Increasing Your Business Through Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Trends

Modern business is fortunate to have the digital world in which to market, and the digital marketing options available are plentiful. However, with so many options from which to choose it is often hard to narrow down which digital marketing options are best for you and your business. Below are a few 2013 trends for increasing business through digital marketing that are worth looking into.

Contextual Advertising
If you’ve ever watched a television show – for instance, a home improvement show – and then seen a commercial that corresponds with that show – such as an ad for a hardware company – you have seen an example of contextual advertising.

However, the digital age has expanded contextual marketing even further by offering online marketing avenues. For instance, marketing on blogs that have to do with your product or service, advertising on news websites that are running stories related to what your business does, and other such advertising methods are now available and used frequently. Digital contextual advertising is one of the best ways to reach people whose interests are, at the very least, in line with what your business offers and is a far more effective advertising.

Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is another great invention of the modern era. With literally millions of people using Facebook, Twitter, and other such social media outlets on a daily basis, advertising through social media is a wonderful way to reach prospective customers, engage current clientele, and grow your business. Not only can social media advertising, like Facebook ads, help to draw in business, but having a social media presence increase visibility and makes your business more relatable to others.

Content Marketing
Adding top quality content to your website, blog, or other online venue is a highly effective way to bring in new business and connect with current customers. By adding valuable information that is formatted for search engine optimization (SEO), you establish yourself as an expert in your field, show customers that you want to help them, and establish trust with customers. High quality content is not salesy in nature but rather informs the reader while subtly including keywords that will draw the attention of search engines and send people who are searching for related service and information to your page.

By using the above forms of marketing to bring in new business, you can create highly effective advertising campaigns that keep up with current trends and establish your business, brand, and credibility with those who are in the market for what you have to offer. Keeping up with the current trends is important in order to keep your business relevant and these are three of the simplest ways to do so.

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Social Media Marketing 101 – Learning The Basics

Social Media 101

If you are trying to learn the ropes with social media marketing, you are not alone. Social media marketing is one of the hottest trends in business marketing, and there is good reason for this. With almost a quarter of the world’s population using some type of social media on a regular basis, websites like Twitter, Facebook and others provide you with a cost-effective and highly convenient method to get in front of your customers on a regular basis. However, there is more to using this type of marketing method than meets the eye, and you want to take time to learn the basics in order to maximize the benefit that it can provide to you.

Where to Look for Information
With social media marketing, you can easily find a considerable amount of information posted online about it. There are numerous articles and online tutorials posted, for example, related to how to set up a business profile on Facebook, what to include in your tweets on Twitter and more. You will also want to look for information about the frequency with which you should make posts, tweets and more on these sites.

In addition, it is imperative that you create a strong and large gathering of opt-in customers on these sites if you want to maximize the benefit that social media marketing can provide to you. Therefore, when searching the Internet for information, be sure to look for articles about effective methods for building followers on your company’s social media sites.

Should You Hire a Consultant?
One of the great things about social media marketing is that it is highly cost-effective, and you can easily learn the ropes on your own if you have the time, energy and desire to do it on your own. However, there is more to social media marketing than meets the eye, and if you make some false moves, you may risk damaging your company’s reputation or hurting your company’s marketing efforts rather than promoting them.

For example, posting too many messages on Facebook or creating updates that are bothersome and annoying can turn your customers off of your Facebook profile as well as off of your company as a whole. While there is a fee to hire a social media marketing consultant, there is considerable benefit to doing so. This is one of the most effective marketing methods available to you, and your company can benefit significantly by making the most of social media marketing.

Whether you choose to learn the basics of social media marketing on your own or you want to hire a consultant to assist you, you should consider getting started today. This is a great way to stay in touch with your consumers and to spread the word about promotions, special offers and more.

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Marketing Quote by Seth Godin

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

Seth Godin

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